Seriously. Stop it. It doesn’t work. They don’t get it. And it’s making you miserable. I see it all the time in my practice. Clients struggle to figure out how to make a relationship work, why it’s not getting better, what they’re doing wrong that keeps things stuck. Often, from where I sit, […]

Stop Trying to Reason with Unreasonable People

Does it seem like you step into a time warp and become a different person when you’re around your parents and your siblings? Does your significant other ever accuse you of becoming someone they never knew when you’re with your family? Maybe you’re reverting to an old and familiar role… […]

Family Roles

It’s now April and I’m finally getting down to the category of New Years Resolutions that begins with: Reach Out With Your Business and Grow. The first item in that list is: Blog. So here I am, restarting my blog. I was surprised to realize it’s been just about 3 […]

Opportunity Riding the Dangerous Wind

Realistically assessing your thoughts can help you expand your awareness, improve your outlook, and find new possibilities and explanations for situations and new opportunities in your life. Just how do you go about that? Last blog I used the acronym NARROWED to describe limited ways of thinking. Now I’d like […]

Broaden Your Thinking

Often people will come to me and try to deny or minimize their feelings because they think it’s inappropriate to feel the way they do. As a therapist, I always encourage clients to accept their feelings, just as they are and I try to validate all their feelings. Because, as […]

Narrowed Thinking Patterns