I am so pleased to have Registered Play Therapist, Gwendolyn W. Smith, LCSW, RPT, in our office. Gwen brings over 20 years of counseling to our group and, as a play therapist, she is able to work successfully with even the youngest of children. I have asked Gwen to be […]

Helping Children Heal is Not Mere Child’s Play

Sadly, these are my new roses, victims of the deer that roam my neighborhood. And victims of my own denial. In spite of the fact I’ve seen deer and rabbits in my yard ever since I moved to Marietta, I thought maybe, just maybe, this year would be different. Nothing […]

Surrendering to Win (or how I lost the first blooms ...

open house
This time last year, I had no idea where I would be today. I was quite happy working in my practice at Marietta Counseling Group and learning about Bodynamics therapy. But then, Bodynamics work seemed to be calling for more room, so… To make a very long, crazy story short, […]

I bought, we opened, we partied!

Last week, I suggested that a way to be more at peace and content in your life would be to stop trying to be reasonable with unreasonable people. Today, I want to explore how to know if you are dealing with an Unreasonable Person (UP). First, let me say that […]

Are You Dealing with an Unreasonable Person?

Seriously. Stop it. It doesn’t work. They don’t get it. And it’s making you miserable. I see it all the time in my practice. Clients struggle to figure out how to make a relationship work, why it’s not getting better, what they’re doing wrong that keeps things stuck. Often, from where I sit, […]

Stop Trying to Reason with Unreasonable People